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Hi Igor, it will be a pleasure to help test this excelent bot.... i have been looking  agood bot por CR but the only one that exist is offline.... I recently created A discord Server for my clan which is extremly active.

Sorry my english Im from mexico.

Best Regards.
Hi Igor,

if you need another beta-tester just let me know. I still run the bot 24/7.


Hi Igor,

I am a suicide botter,
I have botted many different games and am able to give comprehensive feedback. I have botted COC for 3 years straight. getting ready to sell the maxed account, I also back in the day used to Bot on runescape and helped give feedback for a frostdragon script which became one of the most valuable scripts. Please include me in your beta testing program. You will not regret having me on the team.

Kind regards,

i'm beginner developer i can help Wink
I would like to become a beta-tester. Used to write bots for Sangband and other crpg games.
Currently testing different cards on 4 accounts.
I think this bot has huge potential and would be really great with different attack algorithms.

Keep up the good work!
Would be glad to beta test. Run 5 accounts continously.
hi i am new here but only for that i dont know clash royale a longt time...

my skills are also a bot programmer but normally only web bots but i have sine skills in picture bots and also some basic autoit stuff

maybe u txt me and we see what we can do...

mfg daspy

You know how active i am Igot Big Grin

i have 2 computers now that run the bot 24/7
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I use the bot in several accounts I would be very happy to be able to help Smile
I'm using your bot for 24/7! Please let me help Smile

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