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I can do it Igor! I have memu 2.9.6 and windows 7. You sent me last beta tester and I think I did good Smile just let me know!
I do run the bot 24 hours a day around 3-6 days a week now, used to do 24/7 but with new policy of the game i stoped botting all day
i have windows 7 too so i can help you too if you let me Tongue
For what I can help you tell me as long as I can and I'm very active.
I am in Bro, very active on forum, Active AF !!!!
Your Positive Rating Makes Me Happy . 
Please Give Positive Reputation  ;)
Happy Botting.
God Bless You .
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i have a question
is normal ? but the bot run so slow in memu 2.9 :/ and the bluestack not run :/
is normal slow mode ? in memu ?
pls invite
I'd like to apply. I'm new here but I've been active in CoC bot forums. I've just been introduced to Clash Royale. I think I can give good insight as I have a self-taught programming, network security background as well as currently majoring in both of those fields. I'd love to help run your betas.
Yo, im new here. but i would surely Test and also Promote your bot to my friends, i would love to help you
can i be a tester too

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