[Official] Suggested Deck to Bot!
does it really work for arena 6
I ask as a noob I am at 4200 can bot keep me in arena 10 if not push ?

one more thin is there a boom beach bot you are aware of?
i dont think so.... 4 the time being the card logic is pretty primitive. it relies on brute force, instead of strategy and smart elixir usage, that it is what you need on high arenas
nice deck
I am testing to it great work.
If the objective is to deploy as much cards as possible, I guess spam decks will have the highest performance, since you just place your troop buildings and there is not much more to it. The strategy is plain simple. Could someone try it?
I'm currently at my trophy all time high, but i think I'll give it a shot during the next weeks clan chest
I need likes to feed my starving dog, please take a second, it may not seem like a big deal but thumbs actually have a lot of proteins and other vital and quintessential nutrients that can keep my dog healthy and happy
lol I just brok 100 trophies using this deck cheers mate
Nice work thx guys !!!

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