Login says incorrect login info, after putting correct login info?
For some reason after installing the bot, I put my correct data in the login section, but the bot still says incorrect data.
1. I've tried to login multiple times with the same password in the forum and it worked.
2. Went to "User CP" and checked the email, tried logging in using the same email but still the same problem.
3. Reinstalled the bot 2 times, but nothing helped. ( Deleting and redownloading it again )
Bot version: 1.7.3
Windows 10

ya son varias veces que tengo este problema sin razon aparente entra pero despues ya no quiere mas iniciar (ya use ccleaner y todo pero igual no inicia)

Lol, same error, did you manage to fix it?
same error
I also have the same error. I tried checking if my account is activated, I tried changing my password, but nothing I tried worked.

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