[FIXED] Login says incorrect login info, after putting correct login info?
For some reason after installing the bot, I put my correct data in the login section, but the bot still says incorrect data
1. I've tried to login multiple times with the same password in the forum and it worked.
2. Went to "User CP" and checked the email, tried logging in using the same email but still the same problem.
3. Reinstalled the bot 2 times, but nothing helped. ( Deleting and redownloading it again )
Bot version: 1.7.3
Windows 10
Deleted it and installed it for the 3rd time, put the same stuff and it worked this time, no idea wot
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tengo el mismo problema que el compañero instale en fecha 11/03/2021 y hasta ayer 12/03/2021 funciono pero despues el dia de hoy me sale el mismo error que al compañero DEKSIONER
same error, how can this be fixed?

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