New deck to try on 4900+ trophies
Thank you for your statistics information, it is useful for many users.
Sorry, I'm a couple days late since the start of the new season.  However I DID run the bot fully from level 1 battle pass until level 35, and then on top of it I let it run straight though the bonus bank gold until COMPLETED! It is alot more crowns that you would imagine to complete that lol.

It took around 41 hours to completely finish the Royale pass all 35 levels + the bank gold for the extra 10,000 coins.

Results are below.  The win rate decreased slightly but all in all it was pretty solid grinding for just letting the bot run 2 days.

Total Battle - 769

Wins - 301
Win Rate - 39.2%
Losses - 464
Lose Rate - 60.3%
Ties - 4
Tie Rate - 0.5%
806 Crowns Collected

Started trophy count at beginning of season - 4680
Current trophy count - 4818
What is your deck priority config?

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