Classic Challenge
Hi all, I have just downloaded the bot and tried an xbow cycle, its completely useless. The bot doesn't know what to do with it. Will there be any improvement on deck strategies or even better placement. I know the bot for coc was really good and had specific strategies but because this is pvp it will be harder I understand. 

Anyone know if this bot is capable of winning classic challenge or is it not quite there yet? I just let the bot do 2 ladder games, lost both games 3 crown due to horrendous placement and random behaviours and ignoring opponents troops....


The use i do for this bot is simply run 2v2 24/7, i dont win nor lose trophies but since i got pass royale i get all those rewards pretty fast, also he does the donations/requests and i farm cards and gold pretty fast with it.

I still do my clan war and clan war pratice legit, turning off bot, logging on my cellphone and playing, once im done i turn it back on so it can do all the farming for me.

Dont expect the bot to get any better since the project seems abandoned, just appreciate what you have and use if you want to, if not dont use it.


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