need deck tips for 4500 trophies
hi guys i'm currently looking to a working deck or some tips to create a deck cause im currently on 4500 trophies and no one deck that I create make better than a miserable 4% of win rate :/

i don't understand because I use very low cards as you can see 
[img]<a href=[/img][Image: Capture.png]" />
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How much winrate are you making now?
I think that your deck have too much low cost fragile cards that the bot may use extremly wrong; maily skeleton army.
I dont know how canon is doing but i would change it for furmance to get more camp control and change at least 2 of those cards (skeleton army, goblin, fire spirits and minions) for something more consistent.

But try different decks and discover what do best for you.

I did 60% winrate untill 4800 with this deck
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PS: I dont like ice wizard ;-0

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