Clash Royale Bot 1.5.5 - Released!
(03-07-2019, 03:36 AM)rimmi2002 Wrote:
(03-06-2019, 10:53 PM)Igor Maozao Wrote:
(03-03-2019, 05:29 PM)rimmi2002 Wrote: Hi the bot seems to work fine when the monitor is on and I'm observing it. However I left it on all night last night, it did not open any chests, ask for any requests or fill any donations. Basically did nothing. I did turn off the monitor physically does that have an impact?

Yes, make sure to set your energy settings to not turn off your hardware in idle.

I have set the monitor and the computer to never sleep. I left the bot on for the whole night. In the morning the CPU was still working and when I turned on the monitor the only thing that was on the log was bot enabled. None of the chests were opened. No cards were donated.

As soon as I turned on the monitor the bot started working again. What else do I need to do to make sure that it works with the monitor off

I guess you have the same problem I had, there is an option where Windows can disable your graphic card when your monitor is off, so your computer will get a crazy 640x480 resolution (something like that) and the bot won't work on that resolution, you can check it connecting via TeamViewer while your monitor is off, also, you can disable this option somwhere in the video config.
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