Keep this in mind (GUIDE)
When you are about to start a new account or have a account below level 4:

Your 2vs2 enemy is chosen by your current level. when you are a high level like 11 you are going to get a smart enemy that can defeat the bot with ease..
So when starting a account: dont upgrade your cards, only play 1vs1. i got in to the jump between magic valley and builders arena without upgrading anything..

at this point: you can start upgrading cards that ONLY belong on the bot's deck, dont upgrade anything else, not your 1vs1 deck, nothing.
your account if going to endup being lvl 4, and thats okay, it totally is. Try to use cards that are still strong when underleveled in the deck and dont upgrade these too when you use the bot. i have 2 open deck slots with witch and skeleton army that are still level 1, the rest of my cards are very high.

I'm able to continue fighting 1vs1 because i have overleveled cards at this point. The bot is able to win 2vs2 because the enemy is just bad at the game and you have some overleveled cards. i got in to the Frozen peak arena. I got bolwer there, i recommend him for every botter. i placed him in the 1 lvl slot that i got and overleveled him too.
all my cards are around 5-2 levels higher then the enemy's cards. i got one open slot left.

this is hard, believe me: get in to jungle arena with the bot's deck. you still have 1 slot left and i think that jungle arena has some quite nice cards, so if you are there,
get you a card like bandit that is strong from itself, (without other troops)

your account should be around level 4. when you notice that you get too much XP and level if you upgrade something from the bots deck, dont upgrade it.
so upgrade some cards wisely if you use this guide.

the bot is able to win 2vs2 alot more and collect tons of cards faster than normally this way.

when having around 386 epics from each cards, 2586 rares and 9586 normal, and 36 legendary of every type you can start upgrading everything to max. i had around 1 mil gold at that moment. i managed to get alot good chests that are able to get opened at the chest slots, quest, and shop at the same time. i upgraded common & rare cards first to max to get gold. i also had alot gems, but really alot. good old days with free chest, when i had 0 gold, i just buyed a few times 100k gold using gems and start upgrading after that
the account is now really overpowerd if you are done with upgrading; you got alot gems from quests etc. , are in jungle arena, are a high level and got extreme overleveled cards at this point!

this worked for me; i whas that one guy that slayed alot players at jungle arena, hog mountain and electro valley, using full maxed cards that is now around 4.1k trophys!

(keep in mind: i donated alot trash cards that others some what wanted.. i din't upgrade bad cards like Xbow, poison, skeleton, goblins etc.)

i hope that this helps some users;
its hard to achieve. i bought a VPS server to run the bot 24/7 straight for 3+ months while i could turn off my pc..
it may sound unrealistic, when starting consider doing this with multiple accounts because its going very slow.. so you have a much much bigger result at the end!

please like if you think that this whas usefull; i hope that the guide gets pinned soon Smile

guide by TestLabbed
EDIT - 2018-04-30
Something that i Always forget to say: I used a very very weak server with a free unlimited database.
You are able to put all emulators at that unlimited database, so i have to pay only 1$ instead Big Grin

<Some of the comments down below may have some answers or usefull information for you>
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man you're insane. What hosting did you use?  How much did it cost? Did you automate bot+emulator restarts or set up monitoring?
(04-28-2018, 11:34 AM) Wrote: [Only registered and activated users can see links Click here to register]

and actually, no i dint.. i would just put as many emulators on till it slightly started lagging, it is around 30 or more emulators
and just look at all of them individually every weekend, seeing if they are making progress.. i dint got monitoring to work  Sad
holy cow... are you farming accounts for sale? Autorestart and monitoring is possible when Igor adds command line startup options
Hello good friend. What deck and priorities you have for bot? thanks
(04-28-2018, 10:51 PM) Wrote: holy cow... are you farming accounts for sale? Autorestart and monitoring is possible when Igor adds command line startup options

for clanwars, you mostly face level 8 players so its usefull if i can fight with around 30 maxed accounts back..
but yeah, i might sell them tho.

and i actually dont need monitoring and autorestart.. just let them run 24/7 at a vps

(04-29-2018, 07:50 AM)vivacarvajalito Wrote: Hello good friend. What deck and priorities you have for bot? thanks

Hi friend  Tongue

i try to give all my accounts bowler logbait ASAP. (without any spells except for log and rocket then,)
its a deck that is still good when underleveled for 2vs2. it may not work every time but it counters sometimes very well.

When the bot unlocked all the cards i use:
Goblingang/goblins, goblin barrel, bowler, prinses,
rocket, ice spirit, log, speargoblins

i put the highest priority at goblins/goblingang, barrel, and rocket.

the bot is good at spamming so i normally choose a cycle deck with high-health characters like hogrider/battleram,
but this one also worked quite nice and sometimes 3 crowns the opponement quite fast.


at the really beginning (around arena 1 to 3)
just to win some 1vs1's i use something that comes close to:

Bomber, mini PEKKA, prince, muskee,
valkyrie, goblins, goblin barrel, speargoblins.        
(without upgrading any of these cards eh..)

for 2vs2/1vs1 at arena 3 to 6 i used:
goblins, goblin barrel, witch, skarmy,
rocket, minions, tombstone, speargoblins.    
(most players dont use spells there somehow,
so u can keep minions, tombstone, witch and skarmy at lvl 1 and continue
collecting cards from the deck above, the bowler logbait deck.)
Wow ! Do you have 2v2 good deck at 4300 trophies? and I would like to know how it is possible to use a 24/7 computer! do I pay a lot for such operations? (for electricity)?
(04-30-2018, 08:54 AM)MAG109 Wrote: [Only registered and activated users can see links Click here to register]
Do you use wine to run emulator and the bot? Which emulator do you use?
okay, thanks, but how exactly does this VPS server work? for the first time I meet with something like this Tongue

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