Cards Priority - How it works
Crystal Clear, thanks
Even with the priority set for Giant to 10 it still will spam the lower elixir spells
I have same issue milkyboy just different cards. Anything over 5 elixer won't drop unless it's at start of game and it's in hand. After that it will not drop.
is this ever going to be fixed?
not one win only lose in 1vs 1
lol this bot need alot off fix placement is just stupid 109 attacks 24 wins 79 lose
Hello everyone,

Igor, the pictures are not anymore visible Sad , can you please update your first post with new screenshots ?
Thanks again for all your great work ! Heart
Guys, you have to let the bot adjust (usually down) to players of equal skill (or lack thereof). Every player with every deck has a 50% win rate... because, if you win more than 50% (in the short term), you go up in trophies, and play against more difficult opponents (until you win 50% of the time), and if you lose more than 50% (in the short term) you go down in trophies, and play against easier opponents (until you win 50% of the time). Just let it play until it gets to the equilibrium trophy level... then it will win 50% of its games, and get you new chests automatically.

It's impossible in a game with a rating system (like trophies or ELO) for players to average anything other than 50% win/loss rate. In a decent system, only the #1 player wins more than 50%, and the very worst player loses more than 50%. Everyone else gets moved up and down in rating, and plays against stronger or weaker opponents until they stabilize at a 50% win/loss rate.

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