Clash Royale Bot 1.6.3 - Released!
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(12-04-2019, 05:34 AM)terza96 Wrote:
(12-03-2019, 08:16 PM)gambit82 Wrote:
(12-03-2019, 05:40 PM)manish041083 Wrote:
(12-03-2019, 03:39 PM)chaosvhenz Wrote: Anyone experience same with me? cannot bot right now.

"Bot internal error! Reason: Index was out of range. Must be non-negative and less than size of the collection. Paramater name: index."

I have check the nav bar, resolution and dpi earlier. Tried to look up other solution in help but to no avail.
Seems like the upgrade messed it up. I am facing the same issue.

Need to wait for the next release of Bot.

I don't think it's working because of the new Xmas Arena / update.  Will need to wait for the developer to release a new update.

Version works just fine. Everything functions like it should, just re-download it and you are good to go  Big Grin
Awesome find Terza96. Just tried. It's actually working ...
Thank you for the reply that 1.6.2 works with regards to features.. only down side is that it doesn't have elixer golem or battle healer to request  Sad
Which is actually the cards I want.  Hopefully we can get a new release soon.
im trying 1.6.2 and it keeps asking for me to set yhe language to english Sad
thanks for your work
How can i start bot in battle mode ?

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