Clash Royale Bot 1.3.1 - Released!
super merci beaucoup
Bot is up-to-date! Enjoy!
Bot enabled!
Clash Royale Bot gonna collect data from your deck.
If you change your deck cards while the bot is running you must stop the bot and start it again.
Could not find the correct deck you are using, trying again in a few seconds!
Bot Disabled!
Bot enabled!

any solution? thanx! Smile
Not working for windows 10 and memu 2.6.6 and 3.0.8 and bluestacks iam try but not working I install Microsoft net framework but not working please fixed
Iam using your version bluestacks rooted but not working too please fixed
what's the errors man ?
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bot is working just fine with bluestack 0.10 and memu 3.0.8 i tested both simultaneously
i cant change resolution to 500-750 why?
why this bot cant open in my pc it's said wrong bluestacks resolution pls reply me thx
I dont know why. I've already following all instruction available, but When the bot Preparing to Attack, there was message to exit Clash Royale, happen everytime. Im frustrated. anyone ?
Oh no! Sad This NOT working. I have bluestack*, but program can't find it. Sad

*bluestack version 2.78


Please fix it !
Unhandled exception in the application. In the appeared window there are two buttons - ignoring and exiting, the ignore button does not help. I also would like to get a list of programs that your application works well with.
and not working for memu last version please fixed for memo
Keep working

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