1100-1300 Crown Farm Deck.
[Image: b7bc31952a5141a887bda20b9bc24903.png]
This deck is great for crown farming, this isn't 24/7 results.

The actual deck.
[Image: 198e1b13d13f448ab315ab812c99e567.png]

[Image: b996ee8c1e82497aa83de5af61695f73.png]
[Image: 874e28037f604268bd21363297739275.png]

There's a bug where the bot will keep using Zap + Goblin Barrel on towers that are already dead, if it didn't get stuck on it with would have better results. With better leveled cards you could definitely climb higher, but it's not meant for it. Bots are used to do monotonous tasks, maybe with better logic you could use them to climb, but if you want to climb just do it manually when you're not farming crowns.
Ask me if you've got any questions.
Q: What emulator are you using?
A: Bluestacks 0.10.7
Nice job Big Grin
[Image: 8a8a2a4b3eb62b3ad891b7b4139d8bbf-d6nzmw8.png]
Fest deck guide with a prioritylist. Nice!

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