what to put in my deck for trophy grind im in arena 2
[Image: hahaamm.PNG][Image: sdgjahji.PNG][Image: ahhann.PNG]
The bot just spams cards, so the best deck has to be versatile in that they will attack both air and ground troops. I use baby dragon, minions,  minion horde, spear goblins, musketeer, Valkyrie, barbarians and knight. I am on around 1600 trophys.
Currently i have 2 account of clash royale, one is above 3k
and the 1 that i usually use for bot with trophy arround 1.8-2k.

I suggest you to use at least 5-6 common card and focused with it.
at your level bassically you can botting and getting win only with over-leveled card.

the other reasons is, that common is faster and easy to upgrade

i personally avoid to use legendary and epic, because its take too long to upgrade.
common like archer and minion are great.
Use common
Thanks guys

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