what to put in my deck for trophy grind
whats up guys I'm in arena 2 and trying to get a lot of trophys to get in a high arena what should I put in my deck heres what I have Smile

level 4 knight
level 3 archers
level 4 goblins
level 2 mini pekka
level 3 musketeer
level 2 giant
level 4 spear goblins
level 4 skeletons
level 5 bomber
level 1 witch
level 1 baby dragon
level 2 goblin hut
level 4 arrows
level 3 fireball
level 2 bomb tower
level 2 tombstone

I am level 4 in arena 2 with 588 trophies Smile
You should just go with the things that are the best level, but here are some card I'd consider good when using this bot:
baby dragon
spear goblins
mini pekka
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