Clash Royale Bot 1.2.2 - Released!
can you please add an option to get down arena's i need it please
Anyone win battles with bot in Arena 8?
Someone to play with?  :)
fix resolutios 500x750 help me please
thanks ! =)
Thank you!
Still way to slow while placing troops (waits ~20 sec to place the first troop, better than the last version but you still loose most of the time due to being overrun)...
Not really usable to farm crowns...
Win/loss ratio for my lvl 9 acc is about 1/4 in arena 4 and 1/6 for my lvl 7 acc in ARENA 2!! ... -_-

Staying with the old 1.0.5 version... way faster (about 50% winrate) sadly it only supports BlueStacks so I have to use VM's for multi acc's...

Opening chests & donating works great tough... nice work Smile
Thank you Bro !
thx bro!!!!!!!!!
good job

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