Clash Royale Bot 1.2.1 - Released! CR December Update!
(12-24-2016, 05:59 PM)uki123joca Wrote: Did anyone get ban while using this? cause im planning to do it on my main account

No didn't have a ban while using this Smile
Could you like recommend me deck and priorities, please Big Grin
lol what happened to the battle ai? Its so slow in placing the troops the win rate is 0%!!! only version better was 110 with a ~50% win rate... :C
ola como faço pra configurar pra consegui ganha a partida no jogo ?
thx very much

I followed the tutorial.
Using Bluestacks rooted 0.10 I can not even open clash royale app before applying the bot. Small loading and "ctd" after 1 sec.
What is wrong? Downloaded the clash royale app from playstore, did not work, downloaded the apk von web... did not work.

Is this bluestacks to old?

Please help me
Ty good job
(12-18-2016, 05:22 PM)DRB02 Wrote: i can't find bluestacks in the emulator list what to do?
I tried everything not having clash royale open yet, clash royale starting, clash royale in game, etc.

same here  Dodgy
Great work, thanks a lot!

Happy new year!
Please enter also donations and requests epic cards

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