Clash Royale Bot 1.2.1 - Released! CR December Update!
i can't find bluestacks in the emulator list what to do?
I tried everything not having clash royale open yet, clash royale starting, clash royale in game, etc.
Thank you Igor! Would be nice if the Epic Sunday request can be added into the bot.
It's the most stupid bot I've ever seen I Lost like 6 times
Thanx verry good bot !
Can someone help me? When I open my Clash Royale app it shows a black screen and then it closes. I'm using the recomended bluestacks and I have already configure it resolution, pls help Sad
niice,thx (de la france)
Thanks! Smile
Clash royale ask me Exit, "are yousure to exit" and not change the screen page of the game

Help me please!
Did anyone get ban while using this? cause im planning to do it on my main account

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