Are you free to play?
Hey guys, 

I wanted to open a poll and ask:

1) Are you free to play?
2) What is your trophies record?

For me, it is interesting to know if people who use the bot are free to play.  Tongue


I will answer: I am playing clash royale for 2 years, I am free to play, my trophies record is 6312 trophies, and having 25% of the cards maxed, thanks to the bot  Big Grin
MAX is 5900+(4@13Lv+4@12Lv)
Only use bot open chest
I have not payed money in this game,
Max trophies are 5900, been playing for 2.4 years
I've started using the bot 6 months ago
I have 5 13levs and 3 12levs in my deck

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