Android 4.4 uses much less resources than 5.1
The primary goal for this bot is Clash Royale only, so as long as it is compatible, there is no need to chase higher version of android.
I have tested the Android 4.4 (default android system of MEMU uses much less resources than that of Android 5.

With 5 instances, Android 5 need close to 100% of cpu and Android 4 only requires 60-70.

It is however, the scrolling for card request still not work on android 4 (not tested under 5.1)

I will later test if the request card feature on Android 5, if it behaves the same, I will revert all the bot to android 4.  The electric bill is very scary with my CPU full loaded.
MEMU + Android 5.1 has no issue on card request scrolling. I will reinstall windows again and test Android 4.4 for the same.
Tested android 4.4 image. Average cpu usage drop from 95% to 40%.
And the card request seems find with fresh installed windows and memu.

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