A few improvements suggestions:
Hey, here are a few suggestions which I think will make the bot better  Big Grin

(1) When running the bot for the first time, the bot is popping out a message that the width-height-dpi is incorrect, and that the bot will try set it for me and will restart the emulator. This message should contain the correct width-height-dpi which the bot is expecting, so if the bot fails to set the proper width-height-dpi I would be able to do it myself. (when working with memu the bot actually failed to set the proper width-height-dpi....)

(2) When restarting the bot, the bot should start immediately therefore the timer of "Another device connecting. waiting xxx seconds." should be reset., if in the emulator the message "Another device is connecting to this game" appears it should be ignored.
(3) There should be an option in the settings "Don't open chests with strikes" ( so the bot won't open for me mega lightning chest & lightning chest )

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