your sucess story?
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Hello everyone! im fairly new around here. tought we could make a thread with success storys on trophy lvl 

Currently ive been using this Deck:

Goblin Barrel
Baby Dragon
Electro Wizard
Infernal Dragon

musketeer 8
furnance 7
baby dragon 6
gobling barrel 9

i was able to push 3007 Trophies with this deck! wich is the best resaults ive gotten so far. ofc lvl does matter most of my cards are lvl 9 and 10. and my king tower lvl is 10.

Please let me know if such a thread is interesting to keep active, and good luck everyone!
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what prioritys you using?
(09-23-2018, 02:57 AM)steegz Wrote: what prioritys you using?

sorry for late answer Steegz. ive edited the original post with the priorities i used to reach 3k+  Big Grin
Using this on 2v2 with 3450 trophies with king lvl 11. Seems to work okay. Forgot to check winrates but one point it was about 50% and Im guessing high 40% overall.

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