Any suggestions?
Hey guys,

I am already following the Guide of @TestLabbed for my lvl 3 account and its going good, slow but steady. Thanks for the Guide @TestLabbed .

Now I decided to put my lvl 10 on a bot.
Of course, I get smarter opponents, and winning is not as easy in 2v2 as on the lvl 3. But I wondered if someone has a Deck that works quite well for lvl 11 @ 3.7k.

Also, I got two problems:
1. If I detect my Deck in order to be able to set a priority on my cards, that simply does not work. Nothing happens after the bot detected my Deck. Any fix for that?
2. If I want to request Cards, the bot struggles to scroll down to see further down the card-list. Any fix for this?

Thanks for the help and suggestions.

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