Clash Royale Bot 1.4.7 - Released!
hello can help me the boot me throw this error internal error of Bot! Reason: the size of the template must be less than or equal to the search area.
it's Fucking Shit...3 on 3 attack...LOSE
When i want to login, its says credential error, wrong password/email, but i insert same email and same password from this forum
the resolution keeps changing i do 480 and then go to the next one and it changes how to fix

winraw for me for the bot is not in english
When the new version (with new cards etc..)? Now it open the request page but don't select the card :S
with this bot you never win, does it work or not ????
The Bot TWO times start to playing without permission battles and drops me more than 1000 chrown! Shittttttttt!

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