Clash Royale Bot 1.4.1 - Released!
Does anyone see this error before? :

"Critical error: Could not find Nox install folder, if you keep seen this message report in our forum!"
With Bluestacks worked perfectly just installed nox to replace BS. Any ideas?

tnx bro
How to create bot attack logic script?
Hey guy, thanks for your job.

I get the following message : Critical error : could not find Now files(0) to run the bot, if you keep seen this message, report in our forum". So I report. I have previously change the data location on NOX (Before this change, clash royal doesn't work on nox)
its not working now(for memu)
Estava funcionando muito bem antes da ultima atualização do jogo, agora ele só fica naquela parte de sair do jogo. Uso o Nox.
Hi ! My problem is the *Wait on Device Connection* option is not working. When i login in another device the bot is automatic log in not wait X seconds. i use memu 3.7 and the latest clash bot ..
Когда добавлят русский язык?

Russian language?

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