Clash Royale Bot 1.4.1 - Released!
Nice update, thanks!
i hope the attack logic comes soon, ;p
thank you
can you please quote the page to download the bot??I am new member here and i want help please
Thank you for your update~^^
Is there any reason why my bot will not request elite barbs? It's running in fast mode fine, however if my request card needs the page to be scrolled down to find it, it just says could not find the troop to request and gets stuck there. I'm running on the latest Memu and windows 10 with aero enabled
I always get wrong resolution error on Nox. What do i do? I have already tried 500x750 resolution
un bon deck arène 9 sil-vous plait !
avec le bot 1.4.1
My bot is giving "Could not find Nox Title Window" Use Nox, Any solution ?
Nox emulator isnt working for me?
the bot after istarted and logged in after i press select emulator it say to me it cant find the emulator (i link a screenshoot) the bot is sterted with admin and not but same thing
[Only registered and activated users can see links Click here to register] here ths link to the screenshoùot

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